Community Services Australia Ltd provides business consultancy to smaller community based organisations, allowing them to compete and survive in the sector with greater infrastructure and expertise.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment to your business means that you get the support, advice, and products that you d provides to the client agency.
Our community focus means that our interest is in service quality and not in dollars. Thus in the absence of a need to generate high profit margins for owners or operators, you get the best possible prices!

Our Services

Governance Consultancy

Governance training, support and ongoing development. This does not take the approach of traditional training and educative models (which have little effect in the committee and boardrooms of community agencies). Rather, it is an iterative, process of engagement whereby the experts at Community Services Australia provide to the client agency a direct involvement in the governing process.
Some of our services include:

  • Strategic development and planning
  • Vision, mission and values development / review
  • Regulation
  • Policy and Process Development
  • Codes and guidelines
  • Auditing
  • Education and Analysis
  • Board and management structure and process
  • Corporate responsibility and compliance
  • Financial transparency
  • Information disclosure
  • Ownership structure

Operations and Business Development Consultancy

We work with you to directly identify any problem(s), brainstorm with you on the possible business solutions, utilising your expertise and knowledge of the market to focus on your most viable options. We will then guide you on its’ implementation and provide feedback and guidance when you need help.
Some of our services include:

  • Quality and monitoring
  • Culture and change management
  • Tender writing training and business development
  • Quality and monitoring
  • Culture and change management
  • Accreditation and licencing

Financial Consultancy

Financial viability is about being able to generate sufficient income to meet operating payments, debt commitments and, where applicable, to allow growth while maintaining service levels.
The complexities of operating community organisations are such that it is impossible to be an expert at everything when it comes to financial operations,. This is where Community Services Australia can help.
Some of our services include:

  • Assessment of financial viability
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Payroll
  • Evaluation and strategic recommendations
  • Budgets and acquittals

For more information please call (07) 3208 4815

Marketing and Communications Consultancy

We believe in long term relationships; developing your marketing strategy in line with your overall organisational goals and delivering integrated marketing activities that lead to successful outcomes on a limited budget.
Some of our services include:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Brand development / management
  • Digital marketing (web / social media)
  • Media and public relations / media training
  • Advertising
  • Events management and sponsorship
  • Campaign development

I.T. Consultancy

Today more than ever, the range of options available to meet your computing and technology needs is overwhelming. Community Services Australia understand that price, quality, and timely support are key elements in your decision to trust professionals with the technological infrastructure for your business.
Some of our services include:

  • Network servicing
  • Hosted email exchange
  • Hosted SharePoint
  • Workstation troubleshooting
  • Server troubleshooting
  • Installation and configuration
  • Printer troubleshooting
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Internet connection setup and troubleshooting

Human Resources Consultancy

For the majority of organisations the main resource involved in achieving its purpose are its people.
Human resource Management is therefore an important aspect of all organisations and the way in which staff are lead, managed and motivated will be a major influence on how successful an organisation is.
Some of our services include:

  • Generalist HR and industrial relations
  • Recruitment
  • Staff and manager training and delivery
  • Quality assurance and internal auditing
  • Performance, conduct and behaviour
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Compensation, rewards and benefits